Who We Are

Empowering Talks is the first of its kind to provide complete and personalized support for the preparation, delivery, and visual management of a talk or presentation. Allowing you to communicate clearly and powerfully with the media, investors, customers, or employees.

Are you faced with an important presentation that could change the course of your career or the direction of your company? You know what you want to say but don’t have time to put your thoughts to paper. Let alone think about how the PowerPoint or visuals should look. Plus, you’d like to improve your communication skills and connection to the audience.

That’s where we come in. We have years of expertise in speechwriting, speaker coaching, and creating visuals for screens of any size.
With our unique, one-source concept, you save valuable time and effort. After a detailed consultation, we understand how to best put your message into words, accompanied by supporting images and coaching to improve your performance. For an impactful presentation that will be long remembered. And you can count on our absolute discretion. 

Who we are: 
Martin Kloss, Story Coach & Speaker Trainer, for any type of stage. 
Cheryl Martinez, Strategic & Creative Writer for all your business needs. 
Uwe Wiesemann, Visual Designer & Tech Guru, for memorable images that reinforce your message